The zine inspired from the vitamin bottle. I create this zine to raise the awareness to young girls to eat properly if they would like to be in shape.

Diet pill mini zine

The idea was from I ate chocolate and snack. I thought girls love eating everything she exactly knows that she might gain weight, but she keeps continue eating.

I thought why does our favourite food not be able to reduce our weight. I have read the article about the diet plan. If you do not eat over your energy burning or eat a proper portion, you will not gain weight.

It sounds easy but hard to follow.

I found the news about girls took an overdose of the diet pill, and then they were suffering and deceased. So I would like to create something from the keyword ‘Diet pill’. The first idea, I would like to paint on snacks packaging with the quote ‘Eat proper portion’. Then, I changed to the idea of making a zine. I searched for food calories which you should consume per portion.

I think that you will not gain weight if you eat properly



This zine gathered what I learned from the workshop; One was Gouache paint. I thought my painting was better than the first time. The other was a limited palette painting. I tried to select colours to paint with.

Paint the zine using gouache paint.

I used many materials to create this zine. I want the zine to look similar to the vitamin bottle. I drew an ideal body on the bottle to imply that if you consume it. You will reduce weight. I want to create a zine to give awareness to a young girl to love herself.

Mini body zine