Book cover design

How it starts

This project has been put together quickly after I discussed with my friend who who would like to create the knowledgable book about Snakes. In regard to my experiences I had been working as a graphic designer in the pre-teen publishing. So I imagine about the knowledgable book cover and over all theme with my passion on collage style.

Book cover 

Book cover, design

The book has been put together in detail of snakes which we basically should know. How harm of their venoms and what their habitat or their forest. The cover theme created from the collage style which I select the public domain illustrations to represent the mood and tone of the book. I want this book to look like Novel rather than the traditional  snakes informative book. I aim to create something which appeal people to read and feel excited to see it before read.


Book theme design

I used lemon green to make eye catching for the topics to guide audiences to read it in the first place. Then add  the icon of snakes in formation to let the audiences browsing for the detail and not too tired to read. Because this book came from the imaginary project so the information in this book are not correct. I gather everything to create what in my mind to be the actual book should  be.
เนื้อหาในหนังสือ ไม่ถูกต้องนะคะ เป็นแบบสำหรับตัวอย่าง เพื่อให้เห็นภาพค่ะ

Book cover, design


Book cover Design

The detail of the book cover design I have made. I selected the snakes illustrations in the first place then gradually add the other elements for example frogs and butterfly . After that I start to select flowers and leave and add them all in the cover. The fun part is play around with the book cover design but the hard part was to balance all the elements not too much.

Book cover, design